5 Books Written by Youth Theology Network Leaders

Here are five books from YTN partners sharing their years of experience working with discerning high school students.

5 Grants to Increase Your Knowledge and Expand Your Vocational Discernment Program

From personal grants that help you grow as a leader to grants that advance the field of youth ministry to grants that expand your own vocational discernment program, the grants below are terrific opportunities to secure additional support for your mission and work. And while we're calling out a few options below, you can find more on our Resources page. Simply scroll down and select "grants" in the left-hand column.

Equipping High School Students to Hear God’s Voice and Take Their Next Faithful Step

Each summer, the MAST (Maryville Adventures in Studying Theology) Program at Maryville College in East Tennessee welcomes high school students to our Expanding Horizons Institute. Scholars spend a week on campus, diving into Christian theology while exploring the Smoky Mountains and listening for God’s voice through stories of faith reflected in the arts, science, and nature. Students come from different denominational backgrounds or with very little religious formation at all. They bring curiosity and a desire to connect big questions of faith to concerns about the world. They bring energy, intelligence, imagination and so much love. As they talk together, they make a joyful noise to the Lord.

Reclaiming Christianity in the Public Square

I have known Jesus saves for as long as I can remember, born into the Southern Baptist tradition in rural Missouri. I have identified with evangelical Christianity for just as long. But as I watched the events unfold on January 6th, I did not recognize the voices claiming the faith I know and love. I was embarrassed. I was angry. I was afraid. Here was the culmination of a movement that loves not God and neighbor but nation and self. Its voice is so loud, it reverberates as seemingly the only “Christian” voice in the public square.

Do You Think the Bible Is True?

“Do you think the Bible is true?” My college professor looked me straight in the eye and coyly requested a response. We had just read the two passages in Genesis that depict the story of Noah’s ark. In chapter 6, God asked Noah to bring two of all living creatures, male and female. In chapter 7, God told Noah to bring seven pairs of all clean animals and one pair of all unclean. My professor wanted to know: If the Bible contradicts itself, can it be true? I was 18 years old.