How to Fundraise for the Long-Term Sustainability of Your Youth or Young Adult Ministry

As someone who works day in and day out to connect high school students or young adults to their purpose, passion and calling, you know how much your work matters.


But knowing isn’t enough. 


You need funding for the health and longevity of your program, and that requires bringing more people into your mission as well as continuing to engage current supporters along the way. It’s part art, part science and part timing.


You’ll also be more successful when you have a guide.


Listen in on this workshop replay from Youth Theology Network and Lake Institute on Faith & Giving, which was designed to help you secure more funding. Led by Lake’s Associate Director for Educational Programming Meredith McNabb, participants of this one-hour workshop learned how to connect current and potential donors more deeply with their ministry setting’s mission to build relationships and develop support. 


Workshop highlights include:
  • Storytelling for fundraising

  • Utilizing a basic fundraising toolkit

  • Managing development work year-round


If fundraising for the long-term sustainability of your youth or young adult ministry is one of your top priorities, set aside an hour for this informative and enlightening workshop.


Password: 4td5M=GF


About our presenter:

Meredith McNabb serves as the Associate Director for Educational Programming at Lake Institute on Faith & Giving at Indiana University’s Lilly Family School of Philanthropy. In addition to leading other courses, she is the lead faculty member for the Executive Certificate in Religious Fundraising (ECRF), an eight-week course equipping leaders in religious organizations with the best practices of development work with theological integrity. Learn more about Meredith, Lake, and the ECRF at