Stories of Impact

Here’s why this work matters.

San Antonio, TX
Emmanuel Garcia

I knew this would be a chance for me to express my faith with other high school students, as well as continue to grow spiritually. 

Waco, TX
Taylen Wallis

I enjoyed every minute of Faith and Sport Institute. It pushed me farther than I ever thought that I could be pushed. I grew so much in my faith and pursuit of Jesus. It felt like such a privilege and a blessing to be invited to such a spectacular and top-notch program.

St. Peter, MN
Alex Theship-Rosales

The Academy is rooted in the idea of vocation and how every person has various callings, and these callings are supported and affirmed by pursuits of justice and scientific learning. Bringing these ideas to youth inspires them and leaves a lasting impression. My experience in this environment was one of deep learning, rejuvenation and hope.

Atlanta, GA
Reverend Elizabeth Pollard

As a youth pastor, I have never encountered a Christian education curriculum like it. The program encourages students to love themselves fully and deeply. Its impact is invaluable.

St. Peter, MN
Abbie Doran

It was the first time I felt comfortable asking deep questions about my faith and was not afraid of being a bad Christian because of my doubts and curiosity about the uncomfortable parts of my spirituality.