As a high school student, you are constantly getting bombarded with questions about
your future.


Are you ready for graduation?

What college will you attend?

What career have you chosen?

And somewhere in the mix you think God may be calling you to ministry and have your own questions
such as:


What would ministry look like for me?
(Would it even happen inside a church?)

Where are my skills, passions and interests best suited?

How do justice and activism fit into the Church?

Is ministry the best way to make the world a better place?

If you’ve found yourself at these crossroads, you need an insightful and empathetic place to go while you search for answers. A Youth Theology Network (YTN) partner has already designed a program with you in mind.
  • Working through your life-changing questions in a unique and innovative space, either in person or virtually

  • Having Christian mentors who can walk you through your options

  • Leaning on a community of peers who are struggling with the same questions

  • Having a sense of direction in life

  • Realizing the impact you can have when you’re doing what you’re meant to do

  • Knowing that you’re not alone

YTN partners host short-term (primarily summer) in-person and virtual programs for students like you who are wrestling with questions of vocational discernment. They can help you ignite your passion, explore your calling, and take your next faithful step.


They realize that ministry doesn’t look the same for everyone. For some, it will look like traditional ministry within the walls of a local church. For others, it may be mission work in another country or simply another community. And still, for others, it may look like leading a social justice movement close to home. 

You’re not one-size-fits-all, and neither is your answer.


YTN partner programs are devoted to helping students like you dream up what ministry could look like through their in-person and virtual experiences. They can provide you with the spiritual relationships, resources and support you need to take this journey of discovery—and find a solution that you can get excited about.

You’re already passionate about your faith. You just need some help trying to figure out how to live it out. A YTN partner can help you answer the questions you often feel too rushed to answer in your daily life. And that reflection can lead to revelation.

So, is God calling you to ministry?

Let’s find out.

With over 100 ecumenical partners across the United States, YTN is comprised of colleges, universities, seminaries and schools of theology that are passionate about helping high school students discern their call to ministry in a safe and supportive environment.