Elizabeth Perkins

FSI provided me with a personal outlet to serve and do on-the-ground ministry in a sphere which I feel passionate about: the sports world.


What do you see as the value of the program?

Faith and Sport Institute (FSI): Running the Race Well is a space that cultivates authenticity, vulnerability and self-exploration. We guide students to explore their own emotions and experiences in order to better understand themselves. 

FSI promotes theological learning that is both intellectually stimulating and experiential. We provide students with practical tools to live out their faith boldly in their everyday lives. FSI also provides like minded community. Students leave our retreat with new friends who are also striving to follow Christ and honor God within their sport and lives.


How was your experience working with the program?

I had an extremely positive experience working with FSI. I was placed into positions that both utilized my gifts and challenged me in beneficial ways. I really enjoyed partnering with other adults while getting to spend time with and invest in youth.


What was the best thing about working with your program?

I feel very strongly about FSI’s mission, so it was very easy for me to get on board. My personal values align with those of FSI, to serve and empower youth to be great in God’s way, both in sports and in life.


How did you see students change during and after the program?

I witnessed students become more vulnerable with others in small group time, gain confidence while interacting in larger groups, and during retreat activities, demonstrate leadership in the ways they served one another. In team activities, they grew bold in their uninhibited worship, practiced faith in their learnings about who God is and showed passion in their realization that they have many God-given talents.


What do you think this program helps students learn about themselves, the world, or ministry?

FSI teaches students that God’s character makes him the only one worthy of their worship and their identity is rooted irrevocably in Christ, not their performance or reputation. Excellence requires discipline and intentional habits. I think it also helps students learn to have hope in trials happening right now and hope for a future, and shows that they are uniquely gifted and positioned by God to serve his kingdom rather than their own.


Do you feel students were better equipped for their next step or stage of life after attending? 

Students that attend FSI are equipped with faith in God and confidence in themselves. They also obtained a theological foundation applicable to all areas of life. And they had positive experiences making new friends with people who are different from them.


Did this experience shape your career or ministry engagement in general? 

My role with FSI has shaped my career in the way that I have served as an intern, a part-time staff member and now a full-time staff member. FSI provided me with a personal outlet to serve and do on-the-ground ministry in a sphere which I feel passionate about: the sports world. I learned an abundance of practical ministry, professional and leadership skills in working for FSI. 


What advice would you give to someone who wanted to lead a program like this?

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity to start serving, just start serving. There is no job too small or too miniscule. Consider your passions and communities and serve people by listening, encouraging and challenging them. 

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